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30 Jan

Before my first lecture of sustainable development, I believed that the Economic, social and Environmental problems that exist in the world today should be treated as separate identities. That was, of course, until we string theory! I realised that many aspects of the aforementioned have common problems, but unfortunately not the same solution. Solving one problem may have a detrimental effect on another. For example to solve the fuel shortage problem of the future we may have to plant vast areas of biofuel plants! This may solve the economic and environmental problems that exist but will have a negative domino effect on the social aspect of sustainable development! The population of the world is set to increase by over 2 billion in the next 45 years. This increase in population will mainly occur in developing or non-developed countries whose resources are scarce. With much of the land needed for agriculture been occupied by the growing of biofuels, where will the food to feed these people come from? Of course people will emigrate from these countries as refugees’ and cause endless more problems in the cities they will inhabit. 

War and its impact was the spider chart I and my group were assigned. It was interesting to see what social, economic and environmental impact war has. Warfare is inherently destructive of sustainable development. The destruction of oil fields, land, cities and chemical spraying are all examples of the destroying impact war may have on the environment. The economy usually suffers when a country is at war. Billions has been spent on the American war on terror which could have been more wisely spent on planning a sustainable future for planet earth! From the following video, it’s clearly explained that the economy, the society and the environment are all interconnected.



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