Week 2

9 Feb

I found the past weeks lectures both interesting and challenging. I’ve learned that my generation is faced with, which many people agree, the most challenging problem faced by the human race. We have to find a way to live sustainably with very little pollution while still allowing for economic expansion and industrialisation. Greenhouse gases are at the highest levels in recorded history. 


The Arctic is feeling the effects the most. Average temperatures have risen by double the global average causing glaciers and snow mountains to melt rapidly. In turn causing the sea level to rise by around 3.3 mm annually which is sure to cause severe flooding in  low lying coastal areas. Many scientists believe that an upsurge of extreme weather events is attributed to global warming! But how will we prevent such pollution when economies like Brazil, India and China are set to boom. The Brazilian economy grew by over 7.5% in 2010 and will surely see similar growth in the future. During the week we discussed how to become more sustainable. The lecturer wanted society to become more self sufficient and not to over cultivate the land. In my opinion this isn’t sustainable. Where is the food to feed the worlds ever growing population going to come from? We need to develop systems and technology so that we can live sustainable and still have economic growth and expansion.


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