Week 3

15 Feb

This week we were introduced to the concept of critical thinking. Critical thinking is a key skill in most professions, but it’s especially important in the career I intend to pursue. It’s very important in deciding what’s true, partially true or false. Critical thinkers ask important questions and raise vital issues when asked to solve a difficult problem or task. Francis Bacon defined critical thinking as, ‘Critical thinking is a desire to seek, a patience to doubt, fondness to meditate, slowness to assert, readiness to consider, carefulness to dispose and set in order and hatred for every kind of imposture.’ Critical thinkers suspend judgement on a claim until they understand the logic and reasoning of the claim and leave all assumptions and biases behind them.

From the image, it’s clearly seen that critical thinking is important in how to solve a problem or analyse a claim. In my future career I will be faced with many different, difficult problems and will hear conflicting claims from people from different walks of life. Critical thinking will prove a vital asset to have.

Critical thinking is not been thought in the education system in Ireland. From the test on Friday I learned that children build among the highest structures of spaghetti, second only to engineers.The children built numerous structures learning from their mistakes in the process, finally settling on the design that produced the best results. Where does this creativity and thinking of youth disappear to?  I believe it’s the way children are being educated. In the U.K. education system, Critical thinking is offered as a subject that 16 – 18 year olds can take as an A level. Teachers should be more equipped to educate children to think critically also. This would certainly be a benefit to the community and the entire democracy.


The following link explains the concept of critical thinking well and it shows how decisions should be made. Black and white thinking is talked about and should be avoided when making a decision. Critical thinking moves us towards intellectual discipline, clear expression of ideas and acceptance of personal responsibility for our own thinking. These are all valuable assets to have in any career. Critical thinking will be vital in solving the worlds environmental problems. There is no easy answer for but if we learn to involve critical thinking in our decision making and begin to communicate better, we will solve problems such as finding a new energy source and harnessing the natural resources of wind, wave and sun to create electricity.


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