Climate change blog

23 Feb

In this week’s lectures we talked about climate change: what we may have caused and what we haven’t caused. There is scientific evidence that the climate has changed several times over the centuries without any human intervention. Unfortunately, many climate change sceptics use this fact in their argument that global warming doesn’t exist. We hear a lot about this argument in the media and unfortunately many people believe it. This creates a mentality of the population that there are no consequences of the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere. However, there is strong scientific evidence that CO2, methane and water vapour trap heat within the Earth’s atmosphere.

From Fridays lecture I see that countries aren’t committing to climate change at all most notably the USA. The USA is supposed to be the world’s leading country but it has shown a complete lack of leadership when it’s come to climate change. The USA has also one of the highest energy usages per capita in the world. We in Ireland, during the Celtic tiger, dramatically increased our carbon footprint even though we had signed up to the Durban agreement. Many of the governments of the world are showing the same irresponsibility of The USA and Ireland. ‘Small changes make a big difference’ campaigns intending to get people to shut off the light bulb or turn the central heating by one degree are expected to cut emissions dramatically. It’s just not sustainable. We need the governments to implement laws intended to reduce emissions from cars and Industrial factories. But, I can’t see this happening in the near future since everyone wants to make a better life for themselves.

So what’s going to scare the world’s Governments into  action? The recent series of natural disasters could be associated with global warming. We all know of the many tsunami’s that have struct in recent years. Is this the result of rising see levels and melting polar ice caps? Water levels are rising at an alarming rate and it’s only a matter of time before some major low lying cities such as New York are flooded.  I don’t think we can achieve a sufficient reduction in the emission of green house gases in this current system we live under. We need to think of new ways in which we can be more efficient and live sustainable.




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